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Q| How long has SNOBAR been used on projects?

A| SNOBAR has been used on projects since 1991.

Q| What finishes does SNOBAR come in?

A| Non-Corrosive, ColorBar or it can be painted to match the roof panels.

Q| Does SNOBAR offer a 20-year paint finish?


Q| Does SNOBAR fit on every standing seam roof?

A| We have a variety of clamps that fit on almost every seam on today’s market.

Q| Will SNOBAR work on standing seam roofs that have separate batten covers?

A| It is not recommended to use SNOBAR on roofs that have separate batten covers.

Q| Does SNOBAR offer design assistance?

A| We offer free design assistance.

Q| Can SNOBAR do engineered drawings?

A| Yes and the price will depend on the scope of the project.

Q| What happened to the U-Bracket?

A| We replaced it with the all “new & improved” ColorBracket.

Q| Does SNOBAR have product liability?

A| When the project is designed & installed properly, the system is covered under our product liability.

Q| Does SNOBAR have distributors?

A| We have a few thoughout the United States & Canada. We keep distributors to a minimum so that we insure that our customers receive the best design & product for their project.

Q| How long does it take to install SNOBAR?

A| On an average project, it takes two guys in an eight hour day to install 300LF.

Q| Can the bars be cut in the field?

A| Yes and it can be done with a hack saw.

Q| How is SNOBAR typically shipped?

A| SNOBAR is typically shipped via LTL carriers because they come in 12 foot lengths.

Q| What are payment terms?

A| Prepaid, COD or any of the major credit cards.

Q| What are lead times?

A| Lead times are typically 1-2 weeks for Non-Corrosive & ColorBar and 4-6 weeks for a painted to match system.

Q| Does SNOBAR work on shingled roofs?

A| We use the ColorBracket on a plate for shingled roofs.